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50th Anniversary Conference 
The 3rd of October 2019

08:30 Registration and coffee

09:00 Closing the gap between technology and results
Maintenance organizations are today overwhelmed with information about new technologies and terms. This is the future, but the future is not yet here and not many are ready for the new technology today. Plants should focus on using the technology they are ready for. This presentation will focus on that the chain from Inspect to Plan to Schedule to Execute and continuously improve must not be broken and that's where the new technology can help.
Christer Idhammar, Idcon

10:00 Coffee with cake and a visit to the Showroom

10:30 Competence requirements for future engineers
We live in a world that is constantly changing, and engineering education must adapt to these changes. Otherwise, engineering education and real-world demands on engineers will drift apart. More complex systems and products combined with an explicit sustainability perspective means that today's engineers must understand the entire product life cycle and how dependability, reliability and maintenance are handled in different phases.
Mirka Kans, Linnæus University

11:15 Smart Factories
The trend is that everything will be digitized but how do you create skills and get the knowledge to to take advantage of the the possibilities of digitalization. The project Smart Factories is a joint venture between various actors such as; industries, organizations, academies and technical schools.
It´s a platform where competence about industrial digitalization is created and the knowledge is disseminated.
Johan Bengtsson, Smart Factories

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Maintenance performance measurement and management
The maintenance function is critical for the economic viability for many companies. This panel discussion will focus on different approaches and methods to measure the contribution of maintenance towards the business objectives and highlighting the challenges associated with maintenance performance measurement.
Moderator: Prof. Uday Kumar, Luleå Technical University

13:45 Effective Spare Parts Management
A spare parts management is all about how the handling of spare parts is systematized and structured to enable efficient maintenance. This will lead to improved availability and in the long run reduce the amount of capital expenditure. A breakdown often entails problems that can be avoided if spare parts are available. The goal of an effective spare parts management is to ensure the lowest overall cost possible while maintaining maximum equipment effectiveness.
Dr. Tomáš Hladík, Logio

14:30 Coffee with cake and a visit to the Showroom

15:00 Maintenance within Physical Asset Management
Over the last two decades, profile of Asset Management has been raised from being initially a financial discipline to becoming industry wide recognised process. This unique seminar concretize and visualize Asset Management knowledge, standards and practical studies aligned with EFNMS Body of Knowledge and will create benefits through the assets life cycle in order to understand, build and establish an Asset Management business process.
Janez Tomažin, EFNMS Asset Management Committee

17:00 The conference ends